Students Who Will Take Courses from Other Universities in Summer Term

Dear Undergraduate Students,


Students who will take courses from the other universities in the summer term of 2016- 2017 Academic Year  and want to substitute for their diploma program requirements, should  fill the exemption form online and take all required approvals and than apply to Dean's Office of the relevant Faculty  with this  form and catalogues (Syllabus)  until June 28, 2017

Ps: Please note that other University’s summer school application dates and attach the catalogues (Syllabus) including the content of the courses taken from other universities. 

It is recommended to examine the procedure for exemption from courses article 3.

Related Rules:

Rules to pay attention for Exemption for Courses from Other Higher Education Institutes with Special Student Status while Enrolled at SU

1- Faculty / Graduate School Board evaluates the student application and decides upon the appropriateness of the course, whether it could be substituted for the program at SU or not, and if it could be substituted the equivalence of the course at SU. The Board decision is submitted to the student and SR by the Faculty

2- The courses must be taken by a higher education institute that is recognized by YÖK.

3- The courses that are taken in this way cannot be used for course repetition or course substitution processes, the student is not allowed for the courses previously taken at SU.

4- The student cannot exceed the course load for the related semester in any condition with the courses taken in this way. For the Undergraduate students, the maximum total credit to be taken with special student status for the optional summer semester is 8 SU credits.

5- It is important that the allowed courses are required for graduation but they have not been opened in SU in the related semester.

6- In conditions when no exact equivalence of a course can be found in SU, the position of the exempted course within the graduation program requirements must be stated.

7- Maximum number of courses the students can take from other higher education institutes with special student status during their education period is determined in the related instruction letters. According to this;

  • Total amount of credit for undergraduate students cannot exceed 12% of the total credit they have to complete while enrolled at SU.

8- "T" grade is given for the courses exempted in this way.

9- The student should submit the exemption request for the courses that are approved with the Faculty/ Graduate School Administrative Board decision to the related Faculty together with the official transcript that displays the grades until the last day of course registrations of the following semester.


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