Final Major Declarations and Changing Diploma Program

Published on 02.12.2019 12:01

Dear Undergraduate Students,


Final Major Declarations will be done between December 02 - December 13, 2019. Students who are expected to complete below situations at the end of the semester, should make their final declaration via ‘Information System’.

Please click for the Student Resources web site related with Major Declaration. 

  • Undergraduate students who are in their 2nd semester, and expected to complete minimum 34 SU credits (or 60 ECTS credits*) at the end of their 2nd semester
  • Undergraduate students who are in their 3rd semester, and expected to complete minimum 49 SU credits (or 90 ECTS credits*) at the end of their 3rd semester
  • Undergraduate students who are not declared their diploma program in the first and second situations which is stated above or students who are declared their diploma program but they are
    not placed in any program and at the end of related term, it is expected to complete minimum 58 SU credits (or 94 ECTS credits*).

* ECTS credits is valid for the students whose enrollment year is 2013-2014 Academic Year and after.



Students whose admit term 2012-2013 and after and including students whose admit term 2016-2017 (except students whose admit term is 2017-2018 and after) in order to make a final declaration in addition to the above conditions; they should be successful MJC 100 (“MAJOR Informative Course”) which is in University Courses or it is required to register this course at their declaration semester.

Steps to be followed are;

  • Student Services
  • Degree Audit & Graduation
  • Major Declaration for Undergraduate Student


Note1: Please click for the changes in diploma program.

Note 2:The declarations made from different scores, are being evaluated as lateral transfer and if it is suitable, the student is placed to the diploma program.

The declarations made from different scores, students declaration who complete the credits, term and course detail which is stated above, are evaluated by the Faculties as Lateral Degree. In evaluation, the score of the students placed in this program by the Student Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM) must not be less than the score of the student who has registered in an equivalent program, for the student to continue his studies in one of the undergraduate programs in accordance with article 10 of (*)"Articles of Basis and Regulations to be applied on Double Major, Lateral Degree and transfer between the Associate Degree and Undergraduate Degree programs, and Credit Transfer between the Institutions" (Only available in Turkish. You can consult to relevant Specialists)

Those who do not meet these qualifications, will be placed to the diploma program with the same score in placement by ÖSYM. For ÖSYM minimum scores, please click.

For changing the diploma program, please click

Transfer applications are being done to the Faculties in person in which the student wants to transfer. The required conditions for transfer;  

·         Until completing 93 SU credits.

·         Not being dismissed from the University.

·         To meet other requirements for the diploma program if any determined by the Faculty.

·         To meed minimum score requirement. (*).

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