We are delighted to inform you that we are one step closer to start shooting for our sitcom. We have finalised the backstage crew and cast our main characters. We are entering the 3rd stage of casting, with the following positions:

(Deadline to apply; 23:59 Friday, 3rd of December, 2021)

Music Supervision:
this team will be responsible for consulting for all the background songs and music for our Sitcom.

Costume Supervision:
this team will give inspiration and suggestions for what characters should be wearing in particular scenes.

this team is responsible for makeup of actors before shooting, in respect to the requirements of the scene.

Social Media Marketing:
this team will be responsible for the social media presence of our sitcom.

Corporate Marketing
this team will be responsible for finding sponsors and collaborations with corporate institutions in the city.

Graphic Designing:
this team is responsible for all kinds of graphical needs required by the marketing team.

this team is responsible for shooting pictures of our work through the process of making the sitcom (behind the scenes, table reads, rehearsals, etc...)

this team is in charge of managing the shoot of the sitcom and aid the other teams to make the shooting as efficient and as smooth as possible.

HR Board:
this independent and impartial human resources board is responsible for drafting and initiating as well as enforcing a policy containing rules and regulations concerning the code of conduct of the sitcom team.

Flash Casting:
this team is responsible for casting extras and minor characters required for each episode before the shooting begins, prior writing experience is favorable.

International Students Club Sitcom Team