Sabancı University Wildlife Conservation Club (SUDOĞA), Economy and Management Club (EİK) and Vegansa will bring several sustainable, cruelty-free and vegan brands together on campus for the "Green Day" event in which various workshops will take place and will held on October 26 between 12.00 and 18.00. The Green Day will end with the "Sustainability Summit" with the cooperation with EİK.

While brands like H&M, Mier Handmade, Soapy Co., and Iva Natura will represent their sustainable products in the grass area, “Vegansa” will bring together various vegan snacks and vegan recipes in cooperation with “Nilky”. 

H&M, one of the sponsors of Green Day, aims to reduce the clothing and fabric waste on earth with its clothing collection application, while contributing to the clothing recycling rate at our university.

At the same time, as part of "Take Care", H&M will hold a "Garment Upcycling'' workshop with suggested repair and redesign tips. While the disused clothes of the participants will be put inside the "Clothing Collection Box", the worn clothes will have a longer life with the Take Care movement.

Following the upcycling workshop, “Box Making” by Mier Handmade, where waste cardboard boxes will be upcycled and turned into a storage box, followed by Soapy Co. "Making Tonic", which will be made from biodegradable materials, and finally "Making Soy Wax", which will be made using soy wax in finished cream boxes from Iva Natura, will be held.

After the workshops, Yeşil Gün will host the “Sustainability Summit” to be held in cooperation with the Sabancı University Industry and Management Club (EİK) and various seminars.