SUINT is delighted to present: Humans of Sabanci - Stories Within Us .


A concept inspired by the popular 'Humans of New York', has been successfully simulated within the community of Sabanci University. HoS is a community with an active developing reach, a platform for all. Our main purpose is to highlight stories within our university to enrich networking amongst the members of the Sabanci university community, organic stories that may inspire, encourage and influence the community to progress on a productive path.


Whether you are a general staff member, faculty, degree seeking student or just here on an exchange semester, we invite you to share your stories and inspire with what makes you unique. From life changing moments, to the highlight of your day or what you would tell your younger self! Don’t worry if you feel confused about what to share, we are more than happy to help you put your thoughts and feelings into words. Any contribution is a step forward in bridging the gap within our campus community and creating deeper connections.


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To be featured, find the google form link attached:

Thanks SUINT Family