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he Thought and Philosophy Club was founded in order to arouse interest in philosophy in Sabancı University students, to develop a curiosity, to address general and advanced philosophical concepts and issues, to think about life in a philosophical dimension and to develop a philosophical perception, and to create different perspectives on individual, social and global issues. The club has adopted the principle of thinking, developing ways of thinking and gaining the ability to look at life and events from a different point of view. The club aims to keep its passion for philosophy alive for every individual within Sabancı University and to be a partner with the whole world in this passion. The club aims to be one of the leading communities of Sabancı University with its different vision.

Asif Md Imtiaz
Club Co-Presidents
Ahmet Burak Ekmekcioğlu
Club Co-Presidents
Adnan Buğra Metli
Club Co-Presidents
Alize Sevgi Yalçınkaya
Board Members