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To foster understanding and to develop lasting friendship between the Turkish and the foreign students and the faculty in the Sabancı University community through social and academic activities.

●      To provide an opportunity for the Sabancı University community to socialize and interact with cultures from around the world.

●      To assist or represent the foreign students and faculty of Sabancı University in administrative and educational matters when necessary.

●      We expect this interaction to help the international community get acquainted with the Turkish culture. In turn, Turkish students and faculty can also enrich their cultural experience at Sabancı University through interaction with international students and faculty.

●      To assist for Sabancı University students for their study about Erasmus and other international education programs.

●      To assist Sabancı University students about AISEC, European Youth Parliament and European Union projects.

●      To bring international students together and cultivate a deeper understanding of the cultures around the world.

●      To support the rights of international students on campus and to assist them with their struggles related to the language barrier.

Sameed Ashfaq Chapra
Club Co-Presidents
Adinda Maulina
Club Co-Presidents
Atakan Koçanalı
Club Co-Presidents