KISSA, in accordance with its aims and principles;

• To create a film culture within the university.
• It seeks to create opportunities for its members to produce films and ideas.
• Director, producer and screenwriter bring various ideas and exchanges.
• Works to produce works that can participate in national or international competitions.
• It aims to ensure the participation of group tickets in festivals, screenings, seminars and other events outside the university, and thus organizes integrity and collective participation.  It provides its members with the opportunity to use shooting equipment, which encourages use and provides the necessary training for the use of the equipment. produce films, ideas and scripts on Sabancı University students and inter-university platforms. To provide students with intellectual knowledge in the field of cinema. To give trainings about cinema (scenario, camera shooting techniques, front acting, video editing).

Emre Demir
Club President
Can Yıldırım
Board Members
Tanıtım ve PR Sorumlusu
Tunca Yıldırım
Board Members
Lojistik Sorumlusu
Taha Dumanlı
Board Members
Organizasyon Sorumlusu
Nayat Darçın
Board Members
İçerikten Sorumlu Başkan Yardımcısı