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The Pandora Game Club was established to bring together those who like group games, to play together a variety of games (Jack-Box, Cards Against Humanity, Secret Hitler, Settlers of Catan, Monopoly, etc.) and to help those who want to learn such games. Apart from this, our club aims to bring together foreign and domestic students with our "game nights" in which we cater to our foreigner friends, and create an environment where new students can meet and have fun.
Ali Kerem Görür
Club President
Oğuz Bor
Vice President
Gönül Ayöz
Doğukan Özdilek
Board Members
Atahan Gökdemir
Board Members
Doğukan Yılmaz
Board Members
Foreign Students
Burç Buluklu
Board Members
Halit Koçak
Board Members
Social Media
Kalender Gülbudak
Board Members
Zeynep Erkman
Board Members