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The team is actively participating in both university and club league in Istanbul for 4 years. Also, we are competing in tournaments around Turkey. 5 of our players competed in the biggest tournament in the Europe, Windmill, for the Turkish team that participated. The team is planing to compete in a foreign tournament in Europe this year. The team played in the Quarter final match in the University Federation
Tournament. The team was on the podium in a 16 team tournament in last year. The team won the Spirit of the Game award ,which is the most valuable award in this sport, multiple times.
Eralp Eryanılmaz
Club President
Tolga Tekeli
Murat Sarp Koçak
Supervisory Board
Güneş Büküşoğlu
Supervisory Board
Buse Nur Karatepe
Supervisory Board
Barış Ege Çetin
Board Members
Begüm Erinç
Board Members
Cemre Çakır
Board Members
Karya Kölgesiz
Board Members
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