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SUSS is a club founded by Sabancı University students who are underwater enthusiasts. With SUSS, it is possible to reach any level in scuba diving. The instructor staff, most of which are students of our school, is not content with providing CMAS diver training, but also extends its standards and specializes in NAUI diver training and ILS first aid training. They always make time for diving with their camps during and after the term. SUSS members are not content with entertainment and sports activities only; In addition to this, they actively participate in scientific research carried out jointly with other institutions and share the different world they visit with others through slides and video shows. Our club wishes to see you in this mysterious journey to the underwater world.
Atakan Güven
Club President
İlayda Begüm İzci
Defne Yazıcıoğlu
Supervisory Board
Sıla Akpınar
Supervisory Board
Doğa Uğur Şahin
Board Members
Basic Training
Arda Gönenç
Board Members
Advanced Training
Can Erkan
Board Members
Elif Yeşim Özoral
Board Members