Outdoor Sports Club Sabancı University Outdoor Sports Club (SUDOSK) was founded in November 1999 as one of the first clubs of the university. SUDOSK, who spent the first year mainly with the efforts to be organized, accelerated the training and activities with the second year. Scuba, which is one of the two branches operating within the club, later developed into a club on its own.
The other branch, Mountaineering and Rock Climbing Arm, accelerated its activities with a training program that spanned two years. As the trainings and activities progressed more and more, SUDOSK climbing wall, which was completed in the first half of 2001, created a valuable training area for those interested in rock climbing. Sudosk's first trained instructors began to take part in training and activities in late 2002.
SUDOSK has made tremendous progress in the very short time since its inception. Our primary aim is to make this development continuous and to make SUDOSK an active club among the university clubs in our country where natural sports are performed in a competent and respectful manner.
SUDOSK Beginning Mountaineering and Rock Climbing Arm trainings are divided into two periods. The first period (summer and winter camping) takes place in the form of basic outdoor sports education. In this year, basic information about summer and winter camps is emphasized. In addition, the basic knowledge necessary for mountaineering is supported by practical activities. At the end of the initial training, an assessment exam is held and those who are successful are eligible to attend the second semester.
The second period (rock climbing and advanced mountaineering) includes more advanced mountaineering and rock climbing information. Climbers who have passed the year of development are also expected to increase their experience by taking every opportunity. Those who successfully complete the development evaluation exam at the end of the second semester are eligible to attend advanced mountaineering activities.

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