Clubs Management Handbook

As Student Resources Unit, our priority is to make the Sabancı University a wonderful learning and living areas together with you.
In line with this vision and “Extracurricular Activities Procedure”, we try to bring out an environment those facilities and provide you to learn and experience team working and leadership.
All you welcome to the colorful and extraordinary learning environment of Extracurricular Activities.

As believing that the university life is beyond the academic studies, we will support your club activities in every aspect. Through our “creating and developing together” motto, you will be contributing to the social, sportive and cultural life of Sabancı University thanks to your unique projects.
Apart from meeting with the people sharing same ideas, ideals or targets; being an active member of a club is also vital for both creating innovative ideas and contributing self- improvement. With the activities that you conduct or contribute, you will experience many aspects of life such as responsibility, leadership, teamwork, effective communication and crisis management. These experiences will be your key milestones for your future professional life.

STUDENT ACTIVITIES MANUAL offers you basic important information to plan and conduct the club activities. For further information, please visit Student Activities Website. Please do not hesitate to contact or Student Activities Specialists for your inquiries and comments.


Student clubs are indispensible part of campus life. Our student clubs are democratic structures initiated by our students to perform extracurricular activities by developing individual talents, team working, meeting social and cultural requirements.

You can also be a member of student clubs by participating introduction meetings of the clubs held on the beginning of the academic year or contact the clubs via clubs web page, and lead a new club within the procedures.
You can present and submit your ideas to the related clubs, and work out of your project with team sharing the same interests.
For independent activities, you can contact us and gather a team willing to work for your project.

First of all, please ensure the club, which you want to found, does not enter into the study field of another club. If you want to do an activity similar to another available club, it will be provide convenience you to create a common study field instead of making a new club application. In case you contact us on this matter, we can form the appropriate communication media for you. At least five people should be existing for club application.

You should write a request indicating you want to found a club and transmit this letter signed by the founder members and indicating the club’s name and purpose together with the club regulation and strategic planning form to the Student Activities Responsible. You can demand the sample regulation and strategic planning form from the Student Activities.

Your application will firstly be brought to agenda at the meeting of Student Activity Committee and the result will be notified you.
For the social and cultural activities demanding to be realized without being up to any club, you should fill in an independent activity form and contact with Student Activities Responsible Persons. You can provide the form from the student activities website and from the Student Activities Responsible Persons.

In order to be realized the activities in a planned way and to form a successful club management, there are some main liabilities to be fulfilled by all clubs. In case of unfulfilment of these liabilities making more productive the activities and facilitating your club life, several disciplinary sanctions are imposed.


It is required to be log in the member of your club at beginning of each period. Club presidents or contact persons are defined for the member logins and logins are completed within the determined dates.


This is the list of the activities to be realized by you all the year round. This list is composed of approximate activities and dates. This is important regarding planning the activities previously and its equal diffusion within the year.


It is the report of the activities realized by the clubs within the school year (October-June).


Club budgets allocated for the certain expenses of the clubs by the university can be used during January-December period. In order to be allocated the budget to the clubs as necessary, it is required to be transmitted the Budget Notification Form together with the Annual Activity Report to the Student Activity Responsible Persons in October. Items belonging to the needs of the clubs such as consultancy, transportation, fixtures, stationery are indicated in the Budget Notification Form.


It is the meeting held at the beginning of each period. It is required all clubs participate in the meeting at least one representative. Information sharing on the activities and innovations to be realized all the year round, remainders, and announcements related to the liabilities of clubs are made in the meeting and the suggestions received from the clubs are evaluated.



It is required to be made a reservation firstly in order to use the places where your club activities are made. You can control whether the class or saloon where activity will be made, is empty or not from the page “Room Schedule” ( If the place is suitable for the activity, you can make the place allocation by getting contact with the Student Activity Responsible Persons. In case of contacting via mail, do not forget to add the following information, activity name, date, class/saloon name, to be used between which hours and the required technical equipment (projection, microphone, speaker table …etc). It is required to be notified the place allocations at least within 4 days before the activity.

If the club activity you will realize is required technical equipment such as projection, firstly please ensure the place, which select, has these features. You can receive the information related to the features of the place from the page “Room Schedule”. After the space allocation, you can demand support on the matter from the Audio Visual systems team of University Services.

For the activities that mass transit will be provided from the campus or for the guests who will come to the campus, transportation can be provided within the club budget. For your service vehicle demands and other details concerning the transportation, it will be convenient to get into contact with the Student Activities Department at least within 1 week before the activity.

You can request food-beverage service for the activities you will realize according to the suitability of your budget. It is required to get into contact with the Student Activities Department for your demands such as cocktails after the activity, lunch within the scope of activity or backstage catering services.

When you want to spend for your activities or general club needs, the securest way you should choose is purchase. In line with the specified needs, get into contact with Purchase department of University Services. Tenders are received from 3 different companies for the goods or service to be purchased, the tenders are evaluated and the most suitable tender is put into operation.
For the urgent needs for which the purchase may not be made, Club Expense Notification Form is used. Expense is made by the club member. A receipt or an invoice issued in the name of the university are definitely received from the company from which the good or service is purchased. “The expense to be made by the club member or club must be made by receiving the Student Activity Responsible Persons’ approvals before making the expense”. The form is filled by contacting the Student Activity Responsible Persons and the expense is declared. Expense made by the club member is returned to the club member from the club budget after the approval period.

You can set up stands at the certain points of the University Center for the activities such as introduction of your activities or enrolling club members.
Places to be set up stands are specified as under the stairs, window front (2 pcs), and opposite to Akbank. On order to set up stand in one of these places, you should get into contact with the Student Activity Responsible Persons at least within 2 days before stand date. If you use any technical equipment (projection, stereo) in the stand area, it is required to be indicated this in your demand.

In order to announce your club activity in internal web and if necessary external web, it is required to be sent the announcement including information concerning your activity to the address

 Rules concerning the announcements:
• In order to be reached your activity news to more people, it is suitable to be sent the announcement at least within 5 days before the activity.
• It is required to be enclosed the English version of each announcement to be sent.
• Announcements are composed of a text and if available a visual.
• Announcement should be written not by a person but by the club as a format.
• In the text to be sent in order to be made the announcement, the followings should be available;
- Announcement Head
- Starting- end date of the announcement
- Announcement Text
- Announcement visual (if available)
• Visuals should be in jpeg format and at max. 580 x 1000 sizes. Visuals nonconforming these features shall not be put in the announcement.

You can make various promotional works for announcing the activities you will realize to the large masses in and out campus. Preparing a visual belonging to your activity apart from your announcements available in the internal web and hanging the activity visual on the various points of the campus are an effective way to promote your activity.
For the announcements out of the campus, (especially for large-scaled activities) press work is carried out. Press works are carried out by the Communication and Public Relations department of our University. It is required to be prepared the relevant press release at least before 1 month for the relevant journals and before 10 days for newspapers. You can get into contact with the Student Activities Responsible Persons for preparing the press release and carrying out all kind of works.

Club Rooms
There are 4 club project offices and 2 storages allocated for common use of the Student Clubs at the University Center.
• UC 1009 (Storage)
• UC 1011 (Storage)
• UC 1023 (Meeting Room – I)
• UC 1024 (Meeting Room – II)
• UC 1054 (Seminar and Training Room)

•    Students can use the rooms which are given to common usage to the clubs, by contacting the student responsible for that room, appointed by the Extracurricular Activity Specialist.
•    The rooms should be preserved as tidy and clean.
•    For damaged and/or lost of equipments, the club is responsible for recovery. (In case of identifying the student damaging, disciplinary punishment will be applied).
•    Information on damaged and/or lost of equipments should be submitted to the Extracurricular Activity Specialists immediately.
•    The equipments that can threaten security due to its malfunction should be turned off immediately.
•    Food and beverages are forbidden inside the club rooms.
•    Alcoholic materials, smoking and other harmful substance are forbidden inside the club rooms. (In case of identifying the student damaging, disciplinary punishment will be applied).
•    Please pay attention for right use of club equipments and materials.
•    The club rooms cannot be used out of specified aims. (In case of identifying the student damaging, disciplinary punishment will be applied).
•    In case of encountering a problem about room usage, it should be submitted to the Extracurricular Activity Specialists immediately in written.
•    Usage of the rooms should be in line with Extracurricular Activity Specialists' information and in the end of usage; it should be submitted to the Extracurricular Activity Specialists.
•    In case of abuse of these matters indicated above, right of usage for rooms and materials can be aborted from the club.

Student Activities Committee is a committee formed by the representatives from the faculties and different departments assigned by the Rector. The Committee gathers at the beginning of each period and examined the new club applications, is informed about the club activities and also evaluates the closure decisions of the inactive clubs.

A subject speaker is selected also for the Student Activities Committee within the selection of the Student’s Union realized in November of each year. SAC Subject speaker is the representative of the students in the committee and submits the student clubs’ demands for discussion in the committee.
It is suggested in terms of being discussed the issues mentioned in the committee in details that the subject speakers play an active role in the clubs and follow the activities.

Student Activities Committee
Subject Speaker
Melda Hamarat


In order to “Award and Encourage the students’ extracurricular successes”, “Extracurricular Student Activities Awards” are granted within our University in May of each year.
In parallel with giving interdisciplinary approach in education of our University, our awards generated in order to appreciate our students who achieved being multifunctional in the social life and to encourage this kind of efforts have been given to their owners since 2003.

The information about general functioning and methodology are indicated in “Extracurricular Activities Regulation” and “Extracurricular Activities Procedure”

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