International Club Seminar: Financial Freedom; An opportunity in Transition from Web 2.0 -Web 3.0

With the growing popularity of the crypto industry and the day to day advancement in decentralized blockchain technology along with the exemplary work on telecommunications to lay the foundation of 5g all around the world, Web 3.0 does not look like a dream any more. According to many tech evangelists, the world is in the midst of transition from Web 2.0 (the current internet) to Web 3.0. Similar to the transition phase from Web 1.0 - Web 2.0 in the late 1990s and early 2000s brought great financial opportunities for a common man to have immense capital gains. 


Sabanci University International club (SUINT) is organizing a hybrid seminar “Financial Freedom; An Opportunity in Transition from Web 2.0-Web3.0” at 20:00 on Thursday (9th of June, 2022) at Cinema Hall, to have an adequate share and dear of perspectives on to what extent one has financial opportunities during the transition phase from web 2.0 - web 3.0 with the experts from both financial and blockchain industry;


  • Ata Can Bertay; Assistant Finance Professor at Sabanci University


  • Albert Krespin; Vice President at AK Investment


  • Aybars Dorman; Head of Community at Bilira


To discuss the following important pointers;

- Introduction to the Web 1.0, web 2.0, web 3.0 


- History of the transition phase from Web 1.0- web 2.0 -


 Financial opportunities and the risks associated during the transition phase of web1.0-web2.0 (especially in terms of tech stocks) 


- Analysis; Case Studies of Investors’ gains & losses during the transition phase of web1.0-web2.0 


- Evolution of the crypto industry since its advent 


- Crypto Markets vs Traditional Markets - Financial opportunities and risks associated with Crypto Markets 


- The current state of financial markets 


You may register as a zoom or in person attendee clicking the link below.

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