Dance Club (SUDANCE)

Dance Club (SUDANCE)


Sabancı University Dance Club, shortly known as SUDANCE, is most active and crowded club of Sabancı University which established in 2000 as one of the first 10 clubs. All the dance classes organized by SUDANCE, which represent the unity of those who are interested in dance, those who love dance and those who perceive dance as a lifestyle, attract a great attention of students. In addition to the dance courses given by experienced instructors during the academic year; dance festivals, competitions and social dance activities are organized by the club in various periods of the year.


Generıc emaıl






Yaren Hocaoğlu


vıce presıdents
Berna Gün - İrem Gürak ( -


board members
Buket Özen -
Esin Eryüksel -
Ceyda Ömür -
Murat Tercan -
Deniz Kayserilioğlu -
Eylül Atagün -
Göktuğ Korkulu -
İrem Avcı -
Miray Turan -
Taylan Aydoğmuş -
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