Student clubs are indispensible part of campus life. Our student clubs are democratic structures initiated by our students to perform extracurricular activities by developing individual talents, team working, meeting social and cultural requirements.

You also can be a member of student clubs you want or initiate a new one within the framework of procedures.

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Why Clubs?


Aim of the Sabancı University Extracurricular Student Activities Process is to provide different opportunities for experience and learning, besides to bring new habits for your current and future life.

Sabancı University Student Clubs are structures given and managed by the students. There are many VITAL reasons to join the club activities; firstly, a highly motivated team as much as you is waiting for providing support for your activities and ideas. As just the former students, you will organize many major events and activities thanks to your affiliation and energy.

You will both learn and teach.

In Student Clubs, you can;

  • Meet and socialize with students sharing the same interest areas as yours.
  • Develop negotiation abilities while submitting you ideas.
  • Develop leadership abilities while leading and gathering other students.
  • Improve ability of planning process and resources while leading the organization.
  • Upgrade your crisis management status in case of problems.
  • Adapt team working and follow up strategies to bring the process into target.
  • Improve learning abilities in person and group while developing the process with new features.
  • Cooperate right addressee for more effective and comprehensive performance.
  • Organize international events to experience working with different cultures.
  • Enhance your communication skills while fund raising.
  • Gain real life experience with support and opportunities provided by the University.
  • Find opportunity to express and present your creativity.
  • Discover the most suitable hobbies in art, culture and sports.

And you can gain survival skills of real professional life that make you successful lifelong thanks to the opportunities of EXTRAORDINARY EXPERIENCES AND LEARNING presented by the Student Clubs. When you visit our Extracurricular Activities Website, you will find out many events to be involved.

You will notice the difference of before and after involving in a student club, and realize that the seen part is the only the part seen on surface. The more will be produced with more students reading these pages as you. Equipments (instruments, scuba diving and climbing equipments etc.), studios, rooms and study areas are in use for you.

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How To Join In A Club?

All Sabancı University Students can be a member of Sabancı University Student Clubs. One applying for a club is supposed to agree with internal regulation of the club applied, and provisions given in “Directives”, “Procedures” and “Instructions” of the Extracurricular Activities.

Membership has two different categories: active and volunteer. Descriptions of active and volunteer membership are given in internal regulations of clubs.

On the subject of joining clubs, you can send an e-mail to or visit the Extracurricular Activities Specialists.


1.    Admission to Club
1.1 Students can apply the clubs any time within the academic year.
1.2 Students should apply in person.
1.3 Student whose application is rejected can request a detailed reasoning from the club
1.4 Student whose application is rejected can object to the decision and demand re-negotiation of the subject.
1. 5 Student whose objection is also rejected can apply “Extracurricular Activities Specialists” ( to re-evaluation of club's decision.
1.6 Members should pay the club fee, if there is, at beginning of the academic year.
1.7 Employees, alumnus, and retired employees of the Sabanci University can be only volunteer member.
1.8 Students can join in more than one club.

2.1 Club membership is divided into two: active and volunteer.
2.2 Descriptions of active and volunteer membership can be found in internal regulation of club.
2.3 Volunteer members can vote, however cannot be a part of club executive.
2.4 Volunteer members can produce new ideas and participate in decision process, however cannot take responsibility of a club activity.
2.5 Matters of being involved in club executive can be found in internal regulation.
2.6 Honorary Member: the people who are out of categories of active and volunteer membership and not from Sabanci University can participate in the club activities only as “honorary member”, “trainer” or “consultant”.

3.1 One applying for a club is supposed to agree with matters of internal regulation of the club applied
3.2 Every Sabanci University student that proceed the application process indicated in the related instruction of Extracurricular Activities, pay the club fee if there is, and meet the special matters, if there is, indicated in internal regulation of clubs, can be a member of the clubs.

4.1 One who does not pay the fee regularly, if there is.
4.2 One does not meet the special matters, if there is, indicated in internal regulation of clubs. All special matters are formally written, published and applied to everyone equally. Special matters cannot offend anyone and be applied to everyone in equal level.
4.3 Disqualification of membership can be decided by 2/3 of exact number of club members.
4.4 In case of any disagreement or objection to the decision, the matter is concluded by the “Extracurricular Activities Specialists” after evaluation.

5.1 Club members cannot perform an independent activity or initiative by using name of the University or the Club.
5.2 Membership of students, who have got permission, suspension through an academic period or have temporary debarment, is also ceased.

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