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Archery Club (SUArch)
Artelier Club
AstroSU Club
Ataturkist Thaught Club
Badminton Club (SUBAD)
Blokchain Club
Bridge Club
Chess Club
Cinema Club (SİNEK)
Circus Arts Club (Sirkus)
Computer Club
Cyber Security Club
Cycling Club
Dance Club (SUDance)
Debate Club
Economics and Management Club (EİK)
E-Sports Club
Fashion Club (SUModa)
Film Production Club -KISSA
Game Developers Club
Gastronomy and Food Club (SuGastro)
Gender Club (CİNS)
Go Club
Golf Kulübü
Health and Wellness Club (SUWell)
History Club (RETROSU)
Horseback Riding Club
IEEE SU Student Branch
Industrial and Applied Mathematics SIAM (SIAM)
Industrial Engineering Society (IES)
International Relations, Diplomacy and Politics Club
International Students Club
kAi - Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Club
Quality Management Systems Club
Liberal Arts Club
Literature Club
Media Club
Model United Nations Club (SUMUN)
Molecular Biology and Genetics Club
Motor Racing Club
Motorsports Technologies Club
Music Club (Müzikus)
Offtown Festival Committee
Outdoor Sports Club (SUDOSK)
Pandora Game Club
Philosophy Club
Photography (FOKUS)
Preservation of Nature Club (SUDOĞA)
Psychology Club (MindSU)
qsbsu - Quantum Technologies Club
QTurkey Student Branch - SU (QSBSU)
Quality Management Systems Club
Radio Club (RadyoSU)
Robotics Club
Rowing Club (SUROWING)
Sailing Club (SuSail)
Science Club
Search and Rescue Club
Ski Club (SUSNOW)
Sports Organization Club
SuFirst Club
SuTrong Fitness Club
TeaTalks with CEOs Club
Tennis Club
Theatre Club (ODASU)
Theatre Club (SUO)
Turkish and Japanese Acculturation Club (SUTJEK)
Ultimate Frisbee Club
Underwater Sports Club (SUSS)
Vegan Club (VEGANSA)
Watchmaking Club (SUWATCH),
Young Entrepreneurship Club (GGK)