Sabancı University Dance Club, briefly known as SuDance, is one of the 10 clubs established in 2000 and is one of the most active and crowded clubs of Sabancı University. Representing the unity of those who are interested in dance, those who love dance, and those who perceive dance as a way of life, the dance courses organized by SuDance and the events it organizes throughout the year attract the great attention of our university's students and employees. In addition to dance courses given by experienced instructors throughout the academic year, practical seminars on different ballroom dances, dance festivals, competitions and social dance events are held in various periods.

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Name SurnameMailPositionJob description / Branch Name
Bahar Sevginbaharsevgin@sabanciuniv.eduPresident 
Simay Erkemensimay.erkemen@sabanciuniv.eduVice President 
Zeynep Bilicizeynep.bilici@sabanciuniv.eduBoard Member 
Batuhan Erdemirbatuhanerdemir@sabanciuniv.eduBoard Member 
Dila Cürgüldila.curgul@sabanciuniv.eduBoard Member 
Sezin Tekinsezintekin@sabanciuniv.eduBoard Member 
Ege Altaşegealtas@sabanciuniv.eduBoard Member 
Eda Özemreedaozemre@sabanciuniv.eduBoard Member 
Melisnur Dönerlermelisnur.donerler@sabanciuniv.eduBoard Member 
Berke Erdemirberke.erdemir@sabanciuniv.eduBoard Member 
Ece Canbekece.canbek@sabanciuniv.eduBoard Member 
İrem Ulusalirem.ulusal@sabanciuniv.eduBoard Member 
Pınar Gülpinargul@sabanciuniv.eduBoard Member 
Tuana İncituana.inci@sabanciuniv.eduBoard Member 
Buket Özenbozen@sabanciuniv.eduBoard Member 
Deniz Müjdedeniz.mujde@sabanciuniv.eduBoard Member 
Mehmet Damarmehmetdamar@sabanciuniv.eduBoard Member 
Taylan Iraktaylan.irak@sabanciuniv.eduBoard Member 
Bengüsu Yıldırımbengusuy@sabanciuniv.eduBoard Member 
Yasin Barkın Başaranyasinbarkin@sabanciuniv.eduBoard Member 
Göktuğ Korkulugoktugkorkulu@sabanciuniv.eduBoard Member