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Sabancı University IEEE Student Branch is an engineering club. The club, works under IEEE and depends on the IEEE Region 8 and Turkey Chapter as a student branch and works under the Sabancı University Student Council as one of the student clubs. In this respect, it relates to both international IEEE professional organization and the Student Council.
The purposes of the club are following:
a. To become a club that is closely related to all engineering fields, positive sciences and technology; and addresses all Sabancı University students and researchers.
b. To promote the engineering nationwide and in affiliated regions.
c. To ensure that university students and researchers benefit from the opportunities of IEEE, the world's largest professional organization.
d. To contribute the development of engineering, technology and science at Sabancı University and its environment.
e. To contribute to the technical and academic development of its members with the studies it carries out; to help them gain knowledge, skills, experience and equipment.
f. To inform the local community about career opportunities by using international and domestic connections.
g. To contribute club members' social environment and cultural development by providing fun and sharing environments and activities.
h. To add positive values to Sabancı University, student unions that the club is a member of and IEEE Turkey Chapter; to carry out activities that will set an example for university students in our country and abroad.
Elifnur Öztürk
Board Members
Deniz Muratlı
Board Members
Zeynep Sude Kurnaz
Board Members
Sude Kanbay
Board Members
Computer Society President
Osman Şah Yılmaz
Board Members
Computer Society Vice-President
İlayda Kaytaran
Board Members
Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society President
Nil Özde Özgen
Board Members
Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society Vice-President
Büşra Banaz
Board Members
Women in Engineering Affinity Group President
Zeynep Şahin
Board Members
Women in Engineering Affinity Group Vice-President
Alp Eren Yiğit
Board Members
Vehicular Technology Society President
Eren Bektaş
Board Members
Vehicular Technology Society Vice-President
Ahmet Yelboğa
Board Members
Sabancı University Rover Team President
Muhammet Taha Çakmak
Board Members
Sabanci University Rover Team President
Ecem Akın
Board Members
Sabanci University Aerospace Team President
İpek Akkuş
Board Members
Head of 3C Department (Creativity, Co-operation, Co-ordination)