Sailing and Maritime Club (Susail)


The Sabancı University Sailing and Maritime Club was established in 2001 and has been progressing each year by increasing its membership and activities. The club offers university students the opportunity to get acquainted with the sea and sailing. It provides sailing training to its members, starting with the 1* training and progressing to 2* and race training. While we are prioritizing sailing education, our club also organizes trips to the Southern Aegean coasts during holidays throughout the year. This allows as many members as possible to get introduced to yachting. A significant majority of the members of the Sabancı University Sailing and Maritime Club continue their sailing journey with the yachting knowledge they acquired at the university. The club also participates in races in Istanbul and some international races with its own team.

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Name SurnameMailPositionJob description / Branch Name
Alp Helvacıalphelvaci@sabanciuniv.eduPresidentKulüp Başkanı
Sarp Sütkensarps@sabanciuniv.eduBoard MemberEğitim Koordinatörü
Deniz Yalçındenizyalcin@sabanciuniv.eduBoard MemberBütçe, Yarışçılık ve Eğitim Sorumlusu
Ilgın Aratilginelif@sabanciuniv.eduBoard MemberEğitim Sorumlusu
Özen Akkoyunozenakkoyun@sabanciuniv.eduBoard MemberEğitim Sorumlusu
Tanyeli İrem Güventanyeli.guven@sabanciuniv.eduBoard MemberEğitim Sorumlusu
Meriç Çevikmeric.cevik@sabanciuniv.eduBoard MemberEğitim Sorumlusu
Ceren Poyrazcerenpoyraz@sabanciuniv.eduBoard MemberOrganizasyon Koordinatörü
Zeynep Eylül Balcıeylul.balci@sabanciuniv.eduBoard MemberOrganizasyon Sorumlusu
Can Derin Tümaycanderin@sabanciuniv.eduBoard MemberOrganizasyon Sorumlusu
Hüseyin Baha Selbaha.sel@sabanciuniv.eduBoard MemberOrganizasyon Sorumlusu
Batuhan Şenşarbatuhansensar@sabanciuniv.eduBoard Memberİletişim Koordinatörü
Elif Arımaneariman@sabanciuniv.eduBoard Memberİletişim Sorumlusu
Ayşe Gürdoğanaysegurdogan@sabanciuniv.eduBoard Memberİletişim Sorumlusu
Efe Kaplanefe.kaplan@sabanciuniv.eduBoard Memberİletişim Sorumlusu
Nil Akınernil.akiner@sabanciuniv.eduBoard Memberİletişim Sorumlusu
Selin Doğa Üzümselindoga@sabanciuniv.eduBoard Memberİletişim Sorumlusu